Modern Cyber Intelligence

M.C.I is the first Ukrainian company specializing in raising awareness and inspecting the knowledge of private company personnel and government agencies in the field of information security. Staff check is carried out against one of the most widespread cyber-threats of the present - a phishing attack. The company also provides other information security services.

Scope of our activity:


Providing consulting services in the field of information technologies, (IT consulting)


IT infrastructure is an essential component of a successful modern company.


Implementation of systems for protection against external and internal threats.


Protect your company from current cyber-threats today, raise the level of employee awareness, because each employee is a potential key to the company's local network, and therefore to all information that is stored by you.

Phishing simulator

Simulation of phishing attacks -

one of the ways to teach employees good habits of IB.

Phishing attacks have grown dramatically over the past few years and quickly become the weapon of choice for cybercriminals. Phishing simulation is a cost-effective and easy way to conduct simulated phishing attacks. In modeling, any company can appreciate the human element of safety. Do you check the employees of your company or your customers? Understanding the sensitivity of your organization and the reliability of your countermeasures should be a priority.

Corporate training for the digital world

What is an awareness raising training?

Information security training is a process that teaches employees about cybersecurity, best practices in information technology and even compliance with regulatory requirements. A comprehensive safety awareness program should educate employees on a variety of information technologies and security issues.

They may include how to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyber-attacks, identify potential behavior of malicious software, report potential threats to security, follow the company policies and best practices, and comply with any relevant privacy and data compliance policies.

Awareness and Training
Penetration testing

Penetration Testing)

Services for testing of infrastructure for external and/or internal penetration.

An expert simulates the actions of a potential criminal who attempts to attack the network through an external perimeter or using unauthorized access to the local network. Search for vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for their removal.

Penetration testing or Pen testing - is a worldwide service for testing information security of the system, as well as analysis of the risks associated with providing a holistic approach to application protection: hacker attacks, viruses, unauthorized access to confidential data. This kind of software security testing is to test various external penetration methods that a hacker could potentially use.

Attack on denial of service

Check the capabilities of your server equipment to withstand the maximum load

Thanks to us, you will be able to get an objective assessment of whether your services will run in the event of a DoS or DDoS attack that can be targeted by both a hacker group and unscrupulous competitors.

DoS-attack Attack on denial of service
Network security

Network security

Analyze your corporate network and improve its level of protection, both hardware and software.

Recommendations can be offered on the application of complex measures, rules and standards, the use of inter-regional screens (firewalls), anti-virus programs, proxy servers or authentication servers, as well as other measures.

The system of preventing the leakage of confidential information

Prevent data loss

(also known as DLP, Data Loss Protection, Data Leakage Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, or Prevention of Extrusion). This strategy is designed to prevent the removal of sensitive or critical information from the corporate network.

DLP software products use business rules to classify and protect sensitive and critical information so that unauthorized end-users can’t accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure may endanger the organization. For example, if an employee attempted to send business mail outside of the corporate domain or download a corporate file to a customer storage cloud storage service like Dropbox, the employee would be denied permission.

Data Loss Prevention
Security information and event management

Security information and event management

Software for information security and event management (SIEM) -

This is a software security category related to the comparison of log data and events. SIEM allows security analysts to view more complete information from security logs and events. SIEM tools allow security analysts to collect and analyze logs and events from operating systems, applications, servers, network devices and security devices, intruder management systems, and more.

Counterwork insider threats. User Controls.

People are a key factor in your business, but also they are responsible for 90% of the information security incidents.

78% of fraud and data theft committed by authorized users who use simple, legitimate commands for system and data manipulation, businesses are exposed to high risk without a reliable solution to manage internal threats.

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